Full Courses


1. Emerging Leadership program

This special one-year program can be designed for executive leaders or emerging leaders and is designed to be delivered over a one-year period.  The schedule, however, can be customised to fit your organisation and your schedule.  The curriculum is presented within the three C’s of effective leadership; Leadership Competence, Character and Commitment.

2. Holistic Leadership Programme

Holistic leadership can seem like a contradicting term, but it is becoming a very popular style in many businesses. Holistic leadership is a philosophy that involves focusing on others, on their success, and in turn to build better relationships that benefit both leader and employee. Holistic leadership shows that managers can be great leaders while boosting their employee’s confidence and further their success at the same time.

With our Holistic Leadership workshop your participants will focus on the growth and development of their employees and ensuring their success. In doing so, the leader succeeds when their employees do. With a business team, Holistic leadership can not only help employees achieve and grow, but it can also benefit their leaders and the company as a whole.

3. Effective Manager Programme

The Effective Manager Programme is a narrow “tailor-made” course which utilises accredited material from a full twelve-month Management Development Programme and full two-year Generic Management and HR qualifications. It is designed to develop a broader business understanding of the different facets of management thus ensuring managers perform in their roles by keeping a perspective of wider business goals and become well-rounded managers. Good managers get the most out of their staff, motivate their teams, grow their people and understand the financial and legal implications of the job functions that they perform.


4. Life Coaching Essentials

Many people often mistake a life coach for a mental health professional, such as a psychiatrist or a therapist. This misconception often leads people to believe they do not need a life coach since they feel as though nothing is wrong with their mental health. However, a life coach is designed to help improve a person’s professional and personal life by working with them to achieve their goals. With our Life Coaching Essentials workshop, your participants will discover the meaning of life coaching and how life coaching services can be utilized in-house to achieve their goals.

5. Developing New Managers

With this workshop your candidates will be provided the skills they need to succeed. By identifying prospective managers early and identifying a clear management track, your company will prosper and thrive with a solid development structure. Becoming a new manager can seem like a daunting and challenging task. To overcome these hurdles, create an environment where employees know what is expected of them.
With our “How to Develop New Managers” course your participants will gain the support, best practices, and knowledge. This workshop will help your company develop well rounded, fair and confident managers. By identifying early, you will be able to groom prospective candidates and provide the best chance for success.

6. Teamwork and Team Building

For most of us, teamwork is a part of everyday life. Whether it’s at home, in the community, or at work, we are often expected to be a functional part of a performing team. Having a strong team will benefit any organisation and will lead to more successes than not. The “Teamwork and Team Building” workshop will encourage participants to explore the different aspects of a team, as well as ways that they can become a top-notch team performer. Your participants will be given the details and concepts of what makes up a team, and what factors into being a successful team and team member.

Course Development

At Basiliea Consulting we can design and develop any short course or soft skills training as required by your individual company needs. These courses can include anything from supervisory, management and leadership training including, but not limited to, organisational development/design, transformational leadership, change management, conflict management, strategic management, personal development, coaching, problem solving, employee wellness, executive coaching, mentoring and any employee, leadership and organisational developmental requirements.


Measure what you have

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