Skills Development Facilitation

The SDF function is on a monthly retainer basis and the following services are included:

  • Assisting companies in claiming mandatory grants from the relevant SETAs.
  • Providing your business with an External Skills Development Facilitator.
  • Appointing a Training Committee and participating in these meetings quarterly.
  • Developing, implementing and submitting a Workplace Skills Plan to the relevant SETA on behalf of the employer. Generic companies are required to submit Workplace Skills Plans (WSP) in order to be eligible for BEE-points in terms of the Skills Development element.
  • Compiling and submitting an Annual Training Report to the relevant SETA on behalf of the employer.
  • Record-keeping of training done, in order to submit claims to the respective SETAs, for mandatory grants.
  • Advising the employer regarding discretionary grants and PIVOTAL programmes.
  • Acting as medium for communicating information between the employer and the relevant SETA.
  • Assistance with the lodging of claims and refunding of levies.
  • Providing telephonic advice on any matter relating to Skills Development.

Equity Planning

We assist companies to comply with the Employment Equity Act by:


  • Setting-up and training of Employment Equity Committee and participating in these meetings quarterly.
  • Conduct an analysis on policies, procedures, practises and environment
  • Draft Employment Equity plan
  • Assist with consultation with Employment Equity Committee
  • Monitor implementation of Employment Equity Plan and review existing policies and/or drafting of new policies
  • Submit annual Employment Equity report to Department of Labour


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