Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment

B-BBEE Consultation Services

GAP Analysis and Scenario Planning

Assess the compliance level of the Company’s current information and formulate an indicative assessment of their B-BBEE compliance.

Education of all internal company and external stakeholders involved in B-BEE initiatives. This education process seeks to dispel misconceptions and myths about B-BBEE.
The Company will embark on a journey it understands and is assisted to foster strong commitment to the imperatives B-BBEE seeks to address.

Once the education process is complete, a project will unfold where supporting documentation and required evidence is collated by the Company. This information gathering process will culminate in an indicative score of the Company’s compliance level. The indicative assessment assists companies in understanding the ramifications of compliance or non-compliance.

The indicative assessment is useful in designing strategies to achieve the Company’s goals and objectives pertaining to their B-BBEE scorecard and level, in the immediate future and long-term plans going forward.

The Company needs to understand that compliance does not happen overnight. Risks, costs and additional human resources are required to implement a strategy and achieve compliance.


B-BBEE Strategic Plan

Design a strategy to drive a transformation going forward. Part of the strategy design is to educate the Company on how to better implement systems that will support their transformation strategy within the overall Company’s business plan. This allows the Company to have documentation on hand, without having to go through a tedious process year on year.

The B-BBEE plan will indicate the current assessment of the Company and will indicated the proposed requirements in order to accomplish the level of compliance that the Company is aiming to achieve.

The B-BBEE plan will set strategic Milestones and Goals for the Company to achieve over the required time-frame as requested by the Company.

Provide guidance to the people responsible in the company for the strategy implementation and collating the evidence required.

B-BBEE Verification Services

For a B-BBEE Scorecard to be recognised, your organisation needs to ‘audited/verified’ by a B-BBEE Verification Agency. These verification agencies must be accredited with SANAS (

Our specialist consultants will be with your organisation every step of the way and will directly aid in file preparation and compilation process to ensure all the requirements are met to have your organisation verified by the Accredited Agency.

Enterprise and Supplier Development (ESD) Services

Enterprise and Supplier Development consists of Preferential Procurement, Enterprise and Supplier Development and form a crucial part of the overall B-BBEE strategic plan through the advancement of economic transformation targets of the Codes of Good Practise.

We will assist in the identification of performing and non-performing suppliers with a focus on the development of Black Owned Supply Chain enhancement for Preferential Procurement.

We will assist in creating a tailor-made Enterprise & Supplier Development (ESD) strategy to effectively deploy ESD contributions in a sustainable manner that further promotes and achieves the corporate B-BBEE strategy of the Company.

We have partnered with WinWright Solutions (Pty) Ltd, proudly a 51% Black Female and Youth owned company for all your Enterprise and Supplier Development requirements.

B-BBEE Training

B-BBEE is continuously developing in South Africa and is therefore ever changing. Effective implementation of B-BBEE Plans and Strategies will require the company and its management to keep up to date with the latest developments in legislation and interpretational notices given by governing industry/sector councils/bodies.

We can provide comprehensive in sight into the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practise and the respective Sector Charters through our tailor made training programmes that are designed to give in depth breakdowns into how the legislation has been designed and implemented and further insight into the verification agency’s interpretations to maximise your B-BBEE strategy effectively.


Measure what you have

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